Power 88.3 is a ‘for youth by youth’ community radio station.


Youth Radio

POWER 88.3 is a ‘for youth by youth’ community radio project giving rangatahi groups a learning experience of a life time! Through this medium we train rangatahi to set up, programme and run a youth focused low frequency community radio station. Participants will complete a 12-week programme and will be provided with a further 12-weeks support and mentoring continuing as a volunteer with the radio station. This will further increase their skills, capabilities and resilience, and provide valuable work experience and future employment potential.

Check out POWER 88.3 at www.power.org.nz 

Young people will learn the fundamental skills of radio production, construction of advertisements, public speaking and will workshop ways to develop content that focuses on the holistic needs of young people including their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual wellbeing.

This project aims to give rangatahi a platform to express themselves and their key messages for their specific communities of peers, whānau and others within the broadcast area, connecting with their whānau and communities, explore and express their ideas, opinions, culture, values and identity.

Programme Objectives

Youth Voice

To create a platform for youth voice and youth expression


To inform and connect our community


To upskill youth with employability and technical skills to support their transitions into higher learning and/or employment


To equip young people with an innate sense of self-worth through connection, positive engagement and self-expression

Programme Deliverables

  • Set up and run a ‘for youth by youth’ radio station
  • Create a medium to offer alternative learning environment
  • Deliver ‘real world’ skills such as announcing, audio production, sales and marketing etc.
  • Package high level learning into a youth friendly, ‘hands on’ learning journey
  • Support young people to express themselves through a creative communication process where they will learn how to take an initial idea to a final product/output.

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