An initiative to teach young people how to build their very own computer from scratch has been a huge success!

Youth worker Gus Te Moni’s idea to offer a PC building workshop to young people became a reality thanks to the generosity of this programmes main sponsor (CloudIT) and some wonderful members of the community who have donated old computer parts.

Computers and parts were donated to the youth centre by the public and assessed, cleaned and restored by Mark and our friends at CloudIT, and then sorted in to ‘kit sets’ for the youth to build. We are extremely grateful for the support of Cloud IT with this initiative.

As well as develop transferable employability skills such as teamwork, learning skills, communication and confidence etc, young people built their very own computer from parts to learn;

  • Practical skills
  • PC Anatomy
  • Information flow
  • Functionality
  • Componentry and Concepts
  • Processors, storage and graphics
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Maintenance
  • Software installation
  • And computer setup process

Not only does this programme deliver these skills and competencies, but we also are able to put technology in to Rotorua homes as these computers are then gifted to the young people to take home which made for some very happy young people!

Developing young leaders

One young person who has engaged in youth centre programmes for more than a year has not only become a part of our youth radio leadership group but has also become a junior tutor and is now tutoring the second of our PC building programmes under the close supervision of our youth worker Gus.

We are excited to see this young person grow and develop as a leader!