Meet Quinn, who has been on the radio workshop for a year. He is the youngest member of the group and has learnt so much.

Hi, my name is Quin Doube and I am 13 and from Rotorua

I wanted to do the radio workshop because I knew that I would get board over the holidays and I thought, ‘well, I might as well get out of my comfort zone’ and I thought radio would be the best thing for me.

Before the workshop started, I thought it would only be about announcing, because that is all I thought radio was.

On the radio workshop I have learnt promotions, audio production, imaging, announcing and .. that’s all I can name off the top of my head.

My plan now is to stay at the Rotorua Youth Centre and continue doing radio for a couple of years and then probably move on to Victoria university to study communications.

The advice I would give is to stick with it, even if it gets boring, because the outcome is amazing!

Quin is one of 6 amazing radio students who are now a part of our youth radio leadership group!