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Rotovegas Youth Health

Rotovegas Youth Health was established in 2002 and provides health services for young people aged 15...

Youth Employment Plus – Rotorua (YEP-R) We put YOU at the centre to pursue your dreams Youth Employment Plus ...

Rangatahi Potential Mentoring Service

One of our friendly mentors will work alongside you, “one on one” for 10 weeks 10 weeks “one o...

Workshops We fa...

Putake Nui Rangatahi Potential – Primary Mental Health Service

Youth-Centric Mental Health Service tailored to the needs of Rangatahi and whānau. Services are del...

Transition to Adulthood

The Rotorua Youth Centre supports eligible rangatahi on their path to adulthood and long term wellbe...

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The Rotorua Youth Centre supports eligible rangatahi on their path to adulthood and long term wellbeing. This will include preparation for their transition from care or youth justice; provide proactive contact and support as they establish themselves; and assist rangatahi to further develop their skills and achieve independence.

All referrals for this service are made through Oranga Tamariki Social Workers. Enquiries regarding eligibility can be made to our Transitions Youth Worker

The outcomes of the service include:


More young people have safe and stable living arrangements


More young people have the life skills they need to thrive as adults


More young people are healthy and recovering from trauma


More young people have a trusted adult in their lives and are engaged with family, cultural and community groups


More young people are in education, employment or volunteering


Reduced disparities in outcomes and experiences for tamariki Māori and their whānau


Children and young people feel more listened to and understood

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  • It was choice being around someone that had the same passion as me but knew more. I've never recorded properly before so that was an awesome experience. The programme inspired me to try more and go hard! Music Programme Student
  • The best thing was definitely the friendly and comfortable environment. It was a lot easier to learn and pick things up because the teacher was very kind and had a friendly approach. Barista Student
  • I overcame my fear of talking to people and the programme forced me into doing something that i was afraid of. Radio and Broadcasting Student
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